Multi-function fruit and vegetable washer


Power 100w
Capacity 7L
Output of Ozone >=400mg/h
Voltage 220V
Frequency 50HZ
N.W 3kgs
G.W 5kgs

1.Degradation of fruits, vegetables residues of pesticides, fertilizers, removal of growth hormone in meat, hormones and other harmful substances to break down completely, no secondary pollution; and the preservation of a certain role;

2.For the just completed renovation of the room distributed harmful gases such as formaldehyde, ammonia can rapid decomposition and removal of smoke and musty, make the indoor air fresh and clean.

3.For the utensils, coins, supplies for infants to disinfection , inhibit a variety of micro-organisms to breed .

4.Ozone disinfection and pesticide degradation function

5.Tableware disinfection function

6.Fresh air function


1. Negative ion function

Anion is known as 'the air vitamin'which can promote blood circulation and vigor cells. It can also strengthen the disease-resistant ability, and make people far away from the illness. Meanwhile, it could purifier the air by neutralize secondhand smoke, oil smoke and dust. It will make people feel happy and inspired and just like living in the forest.

1.1,Negative ion can trap the positive particles and excess positive ion, strongly kill the bacterial, mildew, remove smoke and fusty smell and poisonous order from the newly decorated materials. Effectively decrease the stuff which may cause hyper susceptible asthma.
1.2, Negative ions can clean and fresh the indoor air, no pollution. Promote the people body metabolism, reduce the respirometric, and enhance the resistivity and immunity.

2. Ozone function

Ozone, which has the scientific mane O3, is created by combing three oxygen atoms. It has a high oxidizing ability, which is effective for disinfecting and sterilizing. It can kill most bacteria in the water or in the air. It is accepted as a broad-spectrum, effective disinfectant and contains. Ozone is an important component of our atmosphere. Our atmosphere contains 0.01-0.04ppm of ozone, which balances the level of bacteria and mildew in nature. Ozone is also created electrically in nature during active thunderstorms.

2.1 Ozone can improve the indoor air quality; kill the bacterial, remove peculiar smell, it can also be used to deodorization in fridge, chest.
2.2 The ozone dissolve in the water can be used to wash face, bathing, wash dishes, food and vegetables.

1,Use high-quality enamel casting tube, the oxygen purity, stability, longer-lived;

2,Use epoxy resin, vacuum packaging high-voltage module, resistant to moisture, earthquake, maintenance-free;

3,Modular with plug-in design, easy maintenance, reliability;

4,Use Ozone-specific air pump, longer-lived and good stability;

5,Origin ABS engineering plastic, high hardness;

6,R 3C certification standard power cord;

7,Three colors of the aeration stones of different shapes to meet different application requirements, more humanization;

8,Two different colors of the trachea, easy to distinguish, more health;

9,Small space, water, gas dual-use, simple operation, can be standing or hanging, is more practical;

It used as a functional unit for residential air sterilizers and for water treatment, including applying to spas, baths.

1) Only put the meat, fruit vegetable into the ozone water mixture for 20minutes, can kills pesticide leftover, germs, bacteria, spore and all kinds of virus.

2) Using the ozone sterilizer, no chemical component rudimental on the food, so the food is clean and healthy.

3).Better result for washing fish, meat and food with longer fresh-keeping time

4).Cleans vegetable and fruit, eliminates residue pesticide and toxic and chemical substances

5).Cleans stocked rice, removes rice bran and cancer-inducing substances and aspergillums

6).Cleans table wares and cooking utensils, disinfects and sterilizes, preventing cross contamination

7).Make oxygen-rich beautification and skin improvement, rinses mouth for cleaning teeth and removes stain, washes face and removes acnes from face

8).Sterilization, deodorization and increase of oxygen in room so as to prevent diseases from spreading.

9).It extremely purifies the air and removes toxic substances including the bacteria, lampblack and odors