CleanX Automatic Cleaning Robot


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CleanX is a High-End and Intelligent planning Cleaning Robot. It combines high accuracy radar and various Sensors to collaborate through navigation algorithm, draw a room map in real time and plan the cleaning route and feature automatic cleaning and automatic charging without manual intervention. It has ultra-strong suction power, high-capacity drawer type dust box, washable HEPA filter screen and split type mopping module for efficient cleaning and then mopping.


  • 360 detection Laser Radar, LDS + SLAM algorithm,
  • Real-time map
  • Nidec Brushless big motor with 3000 pa suction power
  • (LG battery with BYD packed) 5200mAh
  • Vacuum, sweeping & mopping (Support 3 kind of water tank)
  • With WiFi, Mobile APP Control, support physical remote control
  • Increase press for carpet operation, clean more throughly
  • Equip with TOF sensor to indentify the glass and black wall
  • Auto recharging, breakpoint continual deaning
  • Virtual all, to set a restricted area with mobile app
  • With 38-group sensors in total (for atfalling, titollision and obstacle avoiding, speed sensor etc.)
  • Scheduling/time set-up function
  • OTA service, update the software with mobile app
  • Share the device and control with family member
  • Multiple languages voice prompt could be changed online
  • More customised function could be available (3 maps support / 3 floor deaning & etc.


  • Unit Average Power: 40W
  • Motor: Nidec Brushiess
  • Suction Power: 3000pa
  • Noise: <=65db
  • Dust capacity: 600ml (Washable dust bin, triple filtration system)
  • Filter: HEPA (Washable)
  • TOF Sensor: TOF sensor to indentify the glass and black wall Over Obstacle Height: 20mm
  • Cleaning Modes: Zig-zag, Spot, Edge, Self define area, Deep clean
  • Charging Mode: Auto Charging / Manual Charge / App Charge
  • Input Voltage: 14.4V, 100-240V
  • Battery: 5200mAh (LG Cell BYD packed)
  • Charge Time: 4-5H (Fast Charging)
  • Working Time: 140-160 minutes (Standard Mode)